Introducing LEGENDARY wolves! 🐺

Dope Wolves
Jan 31, 2022

We have been overwhelmed by the comments about our art, we are so glad that you liked them!

This is why we have decided to make public the new Dope Wolve’s series: LEGENDARY WOLVES!

These wolves have a 0.1% chance of being minted, however, those who are lucky enough to get one of them will be rewarded with 10x the mint price in $ROSE currency!

For example, if you minted 10x Dope Wolves and one of them was a legendary one, all of your mints would be completely free!

As you may already know, there will ONLY exist 8888 Dope Wolves, meaning there will be 8 Legendary wolves, one for each family (more on that this week)!

We hope that this art is up to your standards and that you love them as much as we do!

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